Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Recap

Halloween was a blast! T and K went to lunch at Mema's office to show off their unbearable cuteness and came home with some candy and a really cool Starbuck's monster. That evening we picked up A from work and went door to door in fancy Happy Valley. T was a super trick or treater and knocked on all the doors himself and loudly shouted "Trick or Treat!" and "Thanks!" to all the treaters. It was really cold and windy Halloween night, but he powered through, never once complaining that he was cold or scared. We have a gallon sized bag of candy in the pantry to show for all of our hard work. I'm glad T is old enough to be excited about Halloween, but young enough to think that two buckets of candy is alot.

K looked super cute in her "pea in a pod" costume. She was a big hit at Mema's office. Big surprise! Look at her little scowly face stuffed into that puffy pea pod....

The other nice thing about lunching at Mema's office was that all the ladies said that I look tiny. That's nice since I feel like a behemouth!

I do have material evidence that I am rather large: today I am wearing maternity jeans that I cannot button.

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