Friday, January 12, 2007

Mr. Rogers Rocks (usually)

Oh, my god! I don't know what is going on in the land of make-believe, but it is the stupidest musical trolley ride I have ever witnessed. All the characters are singing their lines. It's ridiculous! T has given up and isn't even watching anymore and H is bored to sleep. I guess it was a make-believe opera. This episode should stay in the vaults!

Birthday recap: Mema had a great birthday! It snowed like crazy but, we were all able to make it out to BG. We had a yummy dinner and delicious chocolate cake. Chrissy, Lisa and I went to Kiddie Kandids and had pictures taken of the grandkids and one of ourselves. J and K were fantastically cooperative. All smiles and good behavior. My boys, however, were not so into having pictures taken. T and H were alternately poopy, crying and very, very contrary. You can tell by my smile in one of the pictures that I was going a little batty. When the photographer asked if I wanted a picture of myself and the boys, I thought, "why in the hell would I want to remember this?"

I wasn't able to capture any photos of the snow or birthday festivities because the camera batteries needed to be recharged. Remind me to have a back-up set in the future! I was a little sad about the lack of camera because T woke up to two inches of snow! It was the best! Remember when you'd go to bed with no snow and wake up to beautiful, fluffy, smooth, fresh snow? It was that kind of morning. He didn't even eat breakfast before his bibs and snow boots were on and he was out the door. He is still regaling us with stories of "pelting" neighbor children with snowballs and making his first snow angel.

Well, H calls, time for more diaper duty! Evidently the trolley opera wasn't enough to put him down for a proper nap, just a 15 minute too-bored-for-the-world snooze.

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