Friday, January 19, 2007

Two Months

Sixty days. Eight weeks. H made it to his two month birthday this week! He is smiling lots and "talking". He is ticklish and has deep dimples. We are very lucky to have two such easy-going, happy boys! And now that his acne is gone, he's cuter than ever. At 13lbs, 4oz., H is a whole pound lighter than T was at the same age. He is longer, though, measuring 24.5 inches.
**Thanks to Auntie Therese for the cute union suit!
It's raining today, washing away all of the snow that we've had for the past several days. T and A (he, he, it always make me giggle!) have really enjoyed the snow. Building snowmen, throwing snowballs, slipping on the ice and making snow angels. I'll get to enjoy snow more next winter when H is a little bigger.

Happy Birthday to Aunt Denise !

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