Tuesday, February 20, 2007

3 months

Hooray, H is 3 months old! And what a whopping 3 months: he's up to 15 pounds and 25 inches! He is such a sweet boy and rarely fusses. He loves T and always smiles at him. I'm glad because T wasn't too excited about big brotherdom for a while. But, the boys get along great now. T likes to help (sometimes too much) and is always giving him hugs and kisses.

Our friends, the Slaters, had a second little boy this weekend. We saw him for just a second yesterday and he is roly-poly cute! They have pictures of him up on their Flickr account. You can find them in our contacts. Congratulations to the Slaters!

Mr. Rogers is visiting a planetarium right now and T is spellbound. He is very much preoccupied with all things astronomy. We have an atlas of the universe that he looks at every day. He know about stars, moons, planets, nebulae. His favorite planet is Venus.

Ooh, some big news that we are very excited about: our Auntie A is moving back home! We can't wait to have her right here in our home city. Hurry, hurry!

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