Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Going Mobile!

Hey, guess what! After sharing a car for about 6 years, A and I bought a second car this weekend! A is starting a new job next month with high falutin' clients and the '94 corolla with the car seats in the back isn't quite up to speed. We'd been talking about getting something since it's becoming increasingly difficult to share anyway. The "gold" car, as T calls it, is mostly for A's work, but I have a feeling it will become our main family car after a while. T says our next car will be a fire car that shoots fire out of the front and back. Hmmmm, we'll see.

H is cuter than ever. He always seems to be color coordinated, but it's just because we have lots of yellow and green. And he's growing like a weed! I've joked several times this week about our gigantic boys. He is a chubby monkey who unfortunately did not inherit his father's pretty legs. You should see the thighs on that baby!

On the T front, we are working on making it through the night without any accidents. He's doing pretty well, but we have to get him out of bed twice each night. He doesn't seem too tired during the day, but he's always needed a lot of sleep and does seem to be crying a lot more than usual. He doesn't want to wear pull ups anymore, but can't make it through the night and doesn't wake up even after he's peed the bed. What do you all think? Do any of you out there have tips for us?

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