Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Sorry it's been so long since I posted. H has a cold and has been very needy. My tenants seem to have been bitten by the needy bug, lately, too. It sucks that I've actually had to work the last couple weeks! March and April are my busiest months for paperwork anyway, but they have needed some extra social coaching these days. I can barely focus since Auntie A announced she's planning on moving to our fair city next month! I can hardly wait! She texts me with her daily countdown every morning and I can just barely keep from jumping up and down. T is excited, too and asks me pretty often when Aunt A is moving.

I made the boys some super hero capes. They have been running around pretending to be every superhero from American Eagle to Wolverine for the last several weeks. T could hardly contain himself as he pulled it out of the bag. He wears it everywhere and has hardly taken it off at all in the last week. J took a little longer to warm to his (he's just that way), but both boys thoroughly enjoy running around with their capes blowing about behind them.H celebrated his 4-month birthday on the 15th, mostly by eating, sleeping and spitting up on me, but those are good times if you're only120 days old, you know. I decided to give him a little solid food since he was stealing mine from my dinner plate and he sleeps like a champ at night. He only wakes for a little topping off around 3:30. I can handle that schedule! He's working on sitting up unassisted and adoring everything his big brother does. T generally likes H except when he gets his sticky little fingers tangled up in his hair. Tomorrow we go see the doctor for the annual check up, so I'll have weight and length statistics for you all. Until then, you'll have to check in to see the new photos on flickr. There's a totally ridiculous one of H. Go! Check it out!
In cooking news, I made a really terrible batch of roasted brussels sprouts (it was entirely my fault for adding apple cider vinegar rather than apple cider) and some delicious oatmeal scones with almonds and dried cherries. I guess you take the good with the bad.

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