Thursday, April 26, 2007


We had a spectacular time when Auntie A was here over the weekend. We ate out for just about every meal. We took her to Legin, The Tripper, Dot's, the tram and out to the fam in BG. It was a whirlwind weekend. The boys were in love with her when she drove away on Monday afternoon. I didn't bring my camera because I knew that she would be taking pictures. After we got off the tram, T asked Auntie A if she liked the tram. When she said, "no!" He said, "yes, you did!" He didn't believe that she didn't like it. I felt a little bad because I didn't even think she'd be nervous about it. Also, we'd never ridden it before, so I wasn't really sure how the ride would be. We're sorry, Auntie A! We promise we won't take you on any scary rides when you live here!

We did make cute little flowery bobby pins that we found in Martha Stewart's Living. It'll be fun when she's just a few blocks away when I have a fun project. In the new house I'm getting a whole craft closet to house all the papers, scissors, fabrics and tools I love to work with.

The boys have been wonderful! They have been unbelievably sweet and beautiful. T has been amazing! He's been listening and helping with his brother. We've been exchanging kisses and hugs, reading books and speaking kindly. H has been adoring his big brother and spitting up less. And look, he's right on the brink of crawling! Man, are we going to be in trouble!

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