Sunday, November 04, 2007


A and I have this ongoing debate about how to make the bed. I usually just leave the bed as it is when I get up because I'm just going to get back into it a few hours later. (I heard your collective gasp of disgust, by the way! Some research indicates that the fresh air and sunlight on the exposed sheets helps to reduce the number of skin mites, so there!) The only time I care about how the bed is made is when I put on the clean sheets. That first time I like the bed to be perfect. It's one of my quirks. Our debate is not about my slovenliness (not this one, anyway...), but about the correct way to lay the flat sheet. Take a look at T's sheet above. Do you lay the sheet polar bears up or down?

I will tell you that I like it polar bears down. That way you can see them when you fold the top of the sheet down over the blankets. Don't let this impact you decision, however.


TG said...

Polar Bears down, same reason as you! That's the way my Mama taught me!! ~Cousin T

milk and cake said...

polar beard down! i like it when i'm in bed and i look and there are the bears (or kittens or butterflies or whatever are on my sheets!). being in bed is the best thing ever so why should people outside the bed be treated to the full coolness of my sheets?