Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Boring but busy!

Man, am I boring or what?! I haven't posted in forever or even added new pictures to flickr. I've been busy with endless laundry and active boys. I dug out the box of Christmas ornaments this morning so we can get in the spirit! I'm so excited for Christmas this year! I'm pretty much done with the boys' gifts and picked up a super gift for A. T and I are making felt decorations and paper chains. I'm going to get a start on cookies this week and I think we might stop at the nursery down the street to check out their tree selection, too! whew! I've been updating new pictures from H's birthday and the new baby, so check those out on Flickr. I'm off to brush my teeth and sweep. I want to see if I can talk A into decorating and taking a cute family picture this week to hand out to the family at the HamFamXmas Party next weekend.

I can't remember if I told you, but H is walking. He is so funny! His legs are so chubby he waddles around. He still tips over pretty often, but he gets right back up and toodles along. So funny!

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