Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope your holiday was as fun as ours! We had an amazing four days of presents! It was really nice to have it all spaced out so we weren't rushed. The boys got to play with all their cool new toys and didn't seem overwhelmed at all. We even got to go sledding on Christmas Eve. It was perfect up at the snow bunny hill*--no people, fresh snow, even new snow falling! We're going to try to do it every year! You should come next time, we had a blast and I'm not even exaggerating a little. Even poor J, who lost his boot for a while and spent most of the time crying later admitted that he'd had fun sledding! I'm going to splurge on a couple of thermoses for next year's cocoa (Uncle Sean can bring the peppermint schnapps!).

The boys had a great time on Christmas morning. We lazed around and opened our gifts slowly, ate pancakes for breakfast and had a nice dinner. A's parents and GG Grace came down for the afternoon. Meema and Pappa stopped by on their way home from Mt. Angel. It was amazing! The big hits were the rody pony**, leapFrog globe, diamond earings (that's right sucka!), and a big tool chest. Honorable mentions go to the many bath toys and books and the block stilts.

Ooh, I almost forgot the snow! It was like a Christmas Miracle! It started falling just after we opened our gifts. We all went out and caught flakes on our tongues. H was excited, but T was ecstatic! He'd been sad to hear the rainy Christmas forcast on the radio and we tried to convince him that it pretty much never snows on Christmas here. He could hardly contain himself. He actually got everything he wished for on Christmas! I'm so happy for him. He absolutely loves this time of year and I figure this is going to be the first Christmas he'll really remember, and the snow was the perfect finish. It couldn't have been written more perfectly in a movie!

*There was no fee and we were able to use our personal sledding devices. Maybe we were there too early?
**Our place for easter, yo! I'm sending away for hippity hops! Even grown up ones!

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TG said...

Santa left E1 a globe too. Not leap frog, but Oregon Scientific University. It was a hit! She loves it!!!
Cous T