Saturday, March 29, 2008

Harold Van O'Neal

Last night we found out that Grandpa Hal had a massive stroke and is no longer with us. We are all very sad. He was a great man and an especially great grandpa. Hal was a pilot during WWII (the only one to be shot down over Mexico!), a school teacher, a preacher, missionary to the Philippines, and so many things. Every time we visited I was surprised by a new story that added to the richness of Doris' and his long life. He taught the boys (A and his cousins and brothers) how to swim and golf and hundreds of other things. The "V" in T's name comes from Grandpa Hal. He is deeply loved and will be greatly missed.

*I tried posting a picture of Grandpa Hal here from my own flickr page. If you click on the skinny rectangle at the top or bottom of this post, you'll see it.

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