Monday, April 07, 2008

Back to Life

Home again! Spring break in San Diego was great, even if the first part was Grandpa Hal's funeral. All three boys did well and didn't scream or burn the church down. T is such a sensitive little flower that he burst into tears in the middle of the service. I think it helped A get through it to be there for him. The upside to Hal's death is that GG Doris wants to move up here so she won't be alone. I'm glad the boys will get to really know her and have her as part of their regular lives for the next few years. I'm going to have to start getting both GG's together regularly so the boys can know both of them.

Here's A and I at Mission Beach. We really had a great trip. The boys were well behaved and we didn't argue or get bossy with each other at all. (That's a good trip. We are both the oldest and sometimes butt heads because we're used to everyone doing what we say.) We went to Sea World and saw the dolphin and Shamu shows, pet dolphins and sting ray, and walked through the shark tank. Mission Beach was fun, even though it was cool and windy. We went boogy boarding and dug in the sand with the boys. Our next trip to SoCal will be in a few years when the boys are big enough to enjoy Disneyland and other LA area sights.

T being free on the beach. He ran and dug and jumped our entire beach day. On the days we weren't out sightseeing he swam in the pool at GG Doris' house where A learned to swim. He was jumping in the water and putting his face under, even. He loved seeing the animals at SeaWorld and wasn't afraid to touch the dolphins or rays. The shows amazed him. He and his cousin Jayden really had a great time and hardly fought at all. It really takes my breath away sometimes when I see how big he's getting. This is a great age and I know he's got to grow up, but there are times that I realize just how big he is really getting. He's so sweet and sensitive and I hope he stays that way!
Ahh, our little jokester! H spent most of his time at the beach actually eating sand. He thought it was hysterical to throw it and eat it. He got rolled over by a two-inch wave and had sand in every imaginable crevice. He is so much more physical than T was. He was rolling and rubbing the sand with all of his body-feet, hands and face. He wasn't afraid of the ocean at all. Really, there isn't much he is afraid of. He stuck his hands in the ray tank at SeaWorld and fed the dolphins with the big boys. He charmed the whole family and by the end of our stay, he was letting GG Doris give him kisses and hugs. He can be a pest, but he gives great hugs and the best sloppy kisses (even though he'll punch you first)!

I'll post more pictures on flickr. I have a few pics of snow play from before we left. We had reports from Grandpa Rick that there was cold weather and snow here in Portland while we were soaking up the sun in San Diego and that made it a little hard to come home! Oh, well! More later...

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