Tuesday, April 08, 2008


H is interested in the potty! He started pointing to his diaper when it was full and getting me new ones while on vacation. Now that we're home he's been pointing to his diaper and then walking to the potty and sitting down! I've been letting him walk around and encouraging him to sit on it while naked, hoping for the magic moment when pee actually falls into the pot. We've practiced dumping the hard stuff into it from the diaper (or the floor--can you catch that?!?) and then dumping it into the toilet. He's been waving "good bye" to my deposits for a little while. Oh, the end is in sight! I'm not saying that he'll be potty trained in a month, but he's getting ready. I was secretly hoping he'd be an early trainer, like T who declared at 26 months, "I don't want to wear diapers any more. I'm a big boy now!" Hell, yeah! Maybe next year at this time I will report to you that we are done with diapers forever! Please keep your fingers crossed for me and pray.

ooh, you know what potty training means? Naked bottom photos!

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