Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh, Boys

The laudry's done and we're back on track! Everyone's even caught up on sleep. H, especially, has been sleeping like a madman to make up for vacation. Two long naps a day are nice, though, even if you did need to go to the grocery store!

T showing off his dirty, dirty hands. We stopped at the park after school the other day and some friends joined us in making "bad-guy-soup". All four boys were covered in slippery mud and holly berries. They had a fantastic time. And in case you're not familiar with 4-year-old boy train of thought: the bad guys eat the soup and then die. Duh!

Today, H and I stopped at Westmoreland Park to feed the ducks and geese. H LOVES animals. He was so excited by the ducks and geese that he could hardly contain himself. He was holding out breadcrust, desperate to feed a duck and kept turning to scream, "Duuuuuu" at me. One of the female mallards did finally waddle up to him for the bread in his hand. I thought for sure he'd cry when she took it, but he just looked at me with joy and amazement in his eyes. Even the geese that were as big as he is didn't scare him! I've been working on A for some chickens in the backyard. He's kind of afraid of birds after being attacked as a child, but I think he might be weakening. In any case, I think there are many more trips to the park to feed the ducks in my future!

H is also a butt-rocker! I know I've mentioned before that he likes the White Stripes. This morning while in the car, one of their songs came on the radio. I turned it up a little and glanced in the rear view mirror to find H totally pumping his fists in the air. I was starting to chuckle a little when he started singing along! He was all buckled in his car seat, bopping his head, pumping his fists and singing. What a card!

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