Tuesday, May 06, 2008


We made flubber yesterday! We've played with it at OMSI before and it's easy to make. The boys played for about an hour! It gave me time to make some black beans from scratch. They were easy and taste great, but the recipe made about ten servings. I don't know what I'm going to do with all those extra beans! We had burritos last night (cinco de mayo, you know) and I'm planning a taco-y salad for later in the week. Maybe Midge will take some. They like black beans....

It feels like I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen with all the mixing and stirring, but the boys and I snuck out to the park between H's naps. T was home with the tail end of a nasty weekend cold that has his temp well into the 100's for most of the time. Not a fun way to spend the weekend. He was feeling better, though and it was kind of nice to have the day open to whatever we wanted to do. I love having T in school and he really likes going, but that 1:15 pick up time really chops the day in half. When we got home the boys poked around the driveway on their bikes for a while. H was pushing T around on his tricycle. That kid is such a boy. He's all grossness and stink and he just loves it.

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