Monday, June 30, 2008

Where's the camera?

I realized the other day that I haven't been taking many pictures of our summer. It's not that the boys aren't doing funny cute things, but I just don't really want to drag the camera to the pool and park everyday. The bike and trailer is heavy with just the boys and the pool gear without adding another five pounds! I promise to take at least a few pics so you can see how we're all bronzing up.

H has been in rare form lately. Here he is playing with corn starch. He was alone for about 4 minutes on Saturday and this is how I found him. A few minutes later while washing my hands, T yells, "Mom! Look what H is doing!" He was spreading diaper cream all over his body. Fantastic!

And introducing a new superhero! I whipped up H's cape this evening while the boys were in the bath. It's very small. Wee, even, just made on a quilter's quarter of material. I didn't want him to trip while flying around the yard with T as they fight "bad guys". I should have plenty of cuteness to capture in the next few weeks.

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