Wednesday, July 09, 2008


It's been super long since I posted last! We've been busy with swim lessons. I shouldn't really say busy because the lessons are only for 30 minutes each day. But they are EACH day. I'm glad to take a break after T has learned to float on his back and kick with his legs straight. I'm thinking blueberry picking, a short camping trip and some yard work for the few weeks between lessons. I do want to sign him up again for the session before we go for our big trip, just so he is good at floating and kicking. Maybe H and I will take another "mom 'n me" class.

A and I spent the fourth out at Long Beach, WA to watch the display. It was pretty fun, but we were glad to not have the boys with us. The group we were with was way into big bonfires and lots of stiff drinks. Plus, who likes to wipe sand from a kids crack? Not me. Meanwhile, T was talking the ears off of Meema and Papa. As we walked in the door, my mom asked, "Does this kid EVER stop talking?" The answer is only when he sleeps. You can imagine how sad we are that he doesn't take naps....

I have to go. The neighbor kid is walking up and down the block dribbling a basketball and it is driving me crazy. Totally batshit crazy. Did I mention it's kind of hot?

If you want new pics of the boys, head on over to flickr. Log in if you want the really juicy ones...

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