Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OMG, Kindergarten!

Dude, this kid's in school. Real School! You'll have to pop over to flickr to see the pictures as I am still unable to rotate photos for this blog. All four of us walked down the hall to his classroom and watched as he hung up his backpack and hoodie. He looked so massive next to all of his other regular-sized class-mates. We were all fine until I said, "See you when you get off the bus. I'll be waiting at the stop for you." Terror filled his eyes and as he grabbed my hand he whispered, "You're leaving!?!!!" While he didn't cry, I did have to just about peel his fingers from mine. I assured him he'd be fine and that I would definitely be waiting and got the heck out of there before my eyes started to well up. He has a great time and has already made letters out of play-dough and learned to ski-jump in PE. He has made a few friends (Zoe and Amira, of course). And hasn't found his lunchbox. All in all, I guess that's about as successful the first days of kindergarten can be.
H loves that T is gone all day. As soon as the door closes behind T, H is all smiles and sweetness. He doesn't know why it took me all summer to get rid of that pesky older brother!
Some friends from Arizona were in town for a few days and we ventured all the way across town to witness the Swifts. We had a blast and highly recommend that you head on over to NW Portland to witness the phenomenon for yourself. It is amazing!

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