Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cross your fingers

Look at this sweet baby in his new big-boy bed! The boys and I converted the crib to a toddler bed yesterday and H likes being a big boy. I didn't think he'd stay in bed, but he has. Very surprising when you consider the next two photos.....

Yep, that's a serious rash going on. H walked around scratching his body and repeating, "itch" all evening. The benedryl worked for about 2 hours. I was sure that he wouldn't stay in bed without the crib railing. But he has. Well, until he started vomiting. That's right, puke. Poor baby! He is not at all excited about this new thing we call "throw up" and doesn't want to do it anymore. Here, here! Right now he is trying to sleep and I check on him every time I hear a little whimper. I know he's got one more good go left in him. I have a feeling that I will be sleeping on the floor of his room tonight.
Let's hope that I'm not picking vomit out of my hair come 3am.

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