Sunday, January 11, 2009

They say it needs stitches

this photo sucks because it's hard to take a picture of the outside of your forearm by yourself

Last night I cut my arm while making my mom's birthday cake. Well, washing the cake dishes. The cake turned out pretty yummy, but we have one less mixing bowl in the house. It was the biggest bowl of the group and it just slipped out of my hand while I moved it from the wash sink into the draining rack. The bowl kind of bounced off the center of the sink and back into my arm. I knew it was a bad cut. Our neighbor, the physician's assistant, gasped when I showed her and my mom said, "ew! I think you should have gotten stitches!" It's all cleaned and taped up with steri-strips and only hurts when I bump it on things (which is often because it's on that part of your forearm). I'm guessing I'll have a pretty gnarly scar.

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milk and cake said...

aah! that is gnarly. what i love though, is that you got that scar baking. that makes it extra awesome!