Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gurgle, gurgle

We had a great trip to Sunriver! Here we are at the Newberry Volcanic Monument. The boys did a great job on the short hikes and we were able to find a few easy geocache locations. T is hooked, for sure. I'll have to sign up on the website and check out letterboxing, also! We ate lots of treats and lounged in the hot tub. This morning, we all started to feel a little gurgle-y. I thought it was maybe a little too much coffee, but then T didn't feel well and then A said he didn't feel that great... On our way home, we stopped for lunch and T threw up in the lobby (we went to another place after we'd defaced that one). Now that we're home, H seems fine, but T and A both have fevers and my tummy is still not quite right. We're stocked up on ginger ale, soup, crackers and all sorts of medications. We'll be back in no time!

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