Friday, February 19, 2010


Look, the daffodils prove Spring is really on it's way. Yay, Sunshine!

Mohawk H! This was the only way I could get him to agree to a haircut. Now he's upset there is no mohawk on his head. I have to admit that it looked pretty cute above his chubby, round cheeks! Maybe when he goes through his adolescent "fat" faze (all of you in my family know what I'm talking about!) he can wear a mohawk.

H occasionally creates these crazy, architectural installations. When he was smaller he would build things with his silverware and plates/bowls/cups. It took him the better part of 30 minutes to arrange these chestnuts in just the right way.

Last, but not least: Thanks to Auntie A who sent me this totally cool shawlette! It's so soft and cozy, I love it!

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milk and cake said...

well i hate to toot my own horn, but the scarf does look super cute on you!