Thursday, February 10, 2011

photos overdue

It's early February and I haven't been taking many pictures, lately. It's kind of cold and yucky outside and the boys only want to languish in front of the fire with the animals. Photos taken inside always look too dark and claustrophobic to me, but here are a few anyway...

T and O shooting blow darts. A and the boys made the guns and darts last year. We've dusted them off since we're getting bored of the cold, dark weather (but we only have a little longer to wait for mild, sunny spring).

And, H got gum stuck in his hair yesterday on the way home from school, so it was time for a haircut. In order to trick them into the stool, I had to talk them into haircuts like Grandpa Rick. So here they are doing their best "Grandpa Rick" impersonations. I don't know the back stories for their poses. H always has his hands down his pants, lately and T is doing some disco style dance? Who knows, but it got them through the haircut without any tears, so Thank you, Grandpa Rick!

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