Friday, June 09, 2006

Hello Again

Well, I've been ignoring my posting duties for too long. I've been crazy busy with work (Don't even get me started on the crazies who are my neighbors!) and I've been tired from raising a nearly-three-year-old and growing some new kid. I know, I know: We all know how babies are made and if I didn't want one, blah, blah, blah...... But, anyway, Auntie C took T home with her for the evening, so I'm home alone setting up dinner and movie plans for A and I. I've been seriously craving fish for a couple weeks, but I don't know if I can talk A into Newport Bay. I might get him on the $3 happy hour bites, we'll see. They do have a pretty good selection (ok, like 3 things, but they still sounded good) of veggie options. I'll fill you all in later because I know you're dying to find out what I eat.

On the baby front, Cousin Jeni had her baby, a boy, last Thursday. She labored for a good 15 hours with what they thought was a 10 pounder before they delivered her cesarian and Parker Delaney weighed in a cool 7-ish pounds. I hear they are home and doing well. Congrat's to them!

And, Auntie L is having a GIRL!!! I knew it. We're just waiting to hear what cousins Tony and Tosha are having (a boy, I think), then we'll have all this year's babies covered.

On Wednesday, I went in for our extra long, super fancy ultrasound. We are special because of T's aortic stenosis and the doctors all wanted to know what kind of equipment to bring to the delivery room. The good news is that everything looks normal with it's heart. We are very relieved! All of it's other parts are there and looking good, too.
I admit that when the technician checked the development of the sex organs, I peeked, but he was too sly and did all of his measurements from an angle that revealed nothing to my untrained eye. I didn't see any testicles, but it seemed like the wrong angle for that anyway. We'll all just have to wait until this baby is born to find out if it's a him or her. My vote is for "her", but I don't know if I feel it or just want it. Everyone seems to think I'm having a girl, but they thought that with T (except me, I knew he was a boy!) and we know how that turned out! I'll see if I can get a picture to show up well enough to post here. It'll be the standard profile and tiny foot shots, if I can get the camera settings correct. (go over to flickr to see them...)

But, I better get ready for my date! I bought a new shirt that shows off my pregnancy cleavage (and my belly, so it's not too sexy). I just have to find the right pants to go with it...

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